Music Discovery | Los Angeles band The Palms

Los Angeles, entertainment capital of the world, is a music slut’s dream. Up-and-coming artists flock to the city in hopes of “making it big” in Hollywood — and I get to reap the benefits as they play free bar shows to get their names out there. Who sounds like the slut now?

At headlining concerts, the entire night leads up to the climactic point when the main act takes the stage. At bar showcases, it’s a different story. Holding the last set time on the bill usually means playing to a half empty room of lonely drunk people who were not successful in finding someone to take home that night.

While most bands are a bit put off by this, Los Angeles band, The Palms, took the stage with the energy of a band playing to a sold-out crowd. Their infectious music, classified as “Psych/Pop,” got the crowd dancing – rhythmically, not just drunkenly.

If you’re a fan of Foster the People, you’ll find a natural affinity to Ben Rothbard’s lead vocals. The Palms also share the same chill dance vibes. Think spinning in the fields of Coachella, rather than fist pumping at Hard Summer.


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