Pale Waves’ ‘My Obsession’ is Vulnerably Voyeuristic | Song Review

Obsession has the power to turn even the most level-headed, sane person into a slightly psychotic creep. And if you’ve never experienced that level of obsession, I’m not sure you’ve truly lived.

With the release of “My Obsession,” we see Pale Waves fully embrace a break from sanity with the full length of their straight jacket sleeves. The video features frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie in brief vignettes with her unidentified obsession — that is until the climactic chorus. Continue reading “Pale Waves’ ‘My Obsession’ is Vulnerably Voyeuristic | Song Review”


The 1975’s DH00278 Revealed To Be Live Album

New music Fridays holds a surprise in store for The 1975 fans. The band has released an unexpected live album to fill the void of the delayed release of new music originally planned for 2017. Continue reading “The 1975’s DH00278 Revealed To Be Live Album”

Pale Waves Announce ‘My Obsession’ As Next Single

Pale Waves just wrapped their first U.S. headline tour spanning 21 cities, and had a secret to share with fans who came out to support them. At their Dec. 2 Los Angeles gig, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie introduced their song “My Obsession” saying it would be their next single.

Continue reading “Pale Waves Announce ‘My Obsession’ As Next Single”