Album Review | Speak Low If You Speak Love’s ‘Nearsighted’ Speaks Introspective Volumes

Ryan Scott Graham’s solo project Speak Low If You Speak Love revealed a softer side to the bass player of the more aggressive pop-punk outfit State Champs with his debut album, Everything But What You Need, being grounded in a simpler acoustic sound. Now Graham has released a second album to expand on his solo repertoire. If Speak Low’s debut album revealed his softer side, his sophomore album, Nearsighted, shows off his musical maturation.

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Olivver the Kid Makes a ‘Bitter’ Comeback

In late 2016, Bryan Sammis announced he would be putting his solo project Olivver the Kid (also stylized ØV) to rest “maybe forever. maybe for a long time. maybe a short time.” Now, a short (or long) year later, ØV has returned with new single “Bitter.” Continue reading “Olivver the Kid Makes a ‘Bitter’ Comeback”

The 1975’s ‘Loving Someone’ | A New Year’s Resolution to Keep


Well, it’s January. The start of a new year. And since we arbitrarily pick this time to make resolutions, rather than the typical vows to lose weight that most people toss out before the calendar sees February, let’s make a resolution that may actually have a positive impact during these turbulent times. Continue reading “The 1975’s ‘Loving Someone’ | A New Year’s Resolution to Keep”