Concert Review | Mallrat Makes Friends with Los Angeles Live at the Lodge Room

Taking the stage for the first time in a new city can be nerve-racking for anyone. What will the crowd be like? How will their energy be? Will they be responsive? Antagonistic? There are so many unknowns. To take the stage as a 19-year-old solo artist playing her first L.A. show far away from her home in Brisbane, Australia? The intimidation could be paralyzing.

But if Grace Shaw — known onstage as Mallrat — had any of those concerns, she hid them well. Of course, landing a spot on The New York Times list of stand-out acts at South by Southwest Music Festival (alongside recent South London darlings, Shame) offers a solid vote of confidence.

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Concert Review | Shame Live in Los Angeles Deliver a Cathartic Kick Off to First Full U.S. Tour

Shame have been lucky enough to have the wise words of music industry veterans guiding them throughout their formative years. One piece of insight was particularly pertinent as the five-piece kicked off their first full U.S. tour at The Echo in Los Angeles — L.A. crowds will crush your spirit.

But the sold-out club last night was worlds apart from the standard callous L.A. audiences who are too cool and too jaded to be impressed. Because when it comes to Shame’s stage presence, impress they do. The British band’s West Coast debut in support of their debut album, Songs of Praise, proved to be the most manic and delirious gig I’ve witnessed at the distinguished Echo Park venue.

Fair warning to those seeing Shame live for the first time: they are bound to become your new favorite band if they aren’t already.

Fair warning to those passing on such an opportunity: you’re missing the fuck out.

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Album Review | Speak Low If You Speak Love’s ‘Nearsighted’ Speaks Introspective Volumes




Ryan Scott Graham’s solo project Speak Low If You Speak Love revealed a softer side to the bass player of the more aggressive pop-punk outfit State Champs with his debut album, Everything But What You Need, being grounded in a simpler acoustic sound. Now Graham has released a second album to expand on his solo repertoire. If Speak Low’s debut album revealed his softer side, his sophomore album, Nearsighted, shows off his musical maturation.

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Pale Waves’ ‘My Obsession’ is Voyeuristic and Vulnerable | Song Review

Obsession has the power to turn even the most level-headed, sane person into a slightly psychotic creep. And if you’ve never experienced that level of obsession, I’m not sure you’ve truly lived.

With the release of “My Obsession,” we see Pale Waves fully embrace a break from sanity with the full length of their straight jacket sleeves. The video features frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie in brief vignettes with her unidentified obsession — that is until the climactic chorus. Continue reading “Pale Waves’ ‘My Obsession’ is Voyeuristic and Vulnerable | Song Review”

Pale Waves Announce ‘My Obsession’ As Next Single

Pale Waves just wrapped their first U.S. headline tour spanning 21 cities, and had a secret to share with fans who came out to support them. At their Dec. 2 Los Angeles gig, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie introduced their song “My Obsession” saying it would be their next single.

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‘What A Shame’ | The 1975 Reveal ‘Music For Cars’ Isn’t All That’s Left

Back in late April, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy told Zane Lowe their upcoming third album would be the final, saying, “We were always gonna do a trilogy of records. I’m not saying that after this album it’s the end of The 1975, but it’s the end of an era.” Continue reading “‘What A Shame’ | The 1975 Reveal ‘Music For Cars’ Isn’t All That’s Left”

Wolf Alice’s Newest Single Sends You ‘Heavenward’ | Song Review

I’m just going to say it — “Heavenward” is the song I hope will be played at my funeral. That may sound morbid (which I am), but this song captures the perfect balance of celebration and hope that is lacking in most tribute songs for passed loved ones. Continue reading “Wolf Alice’s Newest Single Sends You ‘Heavenward’ | Song Review”

WALK THE MOON’s ‘One Foot’ Premiere is a Resilient Comeback | Song Review

Alright babes, Walk The Moon… IS. BACK.

As promised, the boys released their first single, “One Foot,” just hours ago, coming back from an unexpected year-long hiatus. While their announcement of new music was rather quiet, “One Foot” is all the roaring proclamation the band needs to declare their return. Continue reading “WALK THE MOON’s ‘One Foot’ Premiere is a Resilient Comeback | Song Review”

WALK THE MOON is Pressing Restart With New Introspective Album

For fans who first became familiar with Walk The Moon in 2015 when their Talking is Hard single “Shut up and Dance” was at its peak popularity, their unexpected hiatus, announced in April 2016, may have seemed quite abrupt. They were beginning to attract a whole new fan base and ended up cancelling a tour in the midst of a wave of success.

But for the fans that have been following the band since “Anna Sun” and their self-titled 2012 album, their absence left a hollow feeling and some haunting questions: Would Walk The Moon come back? And how will the break have changed them? Continue reading “WALK THE MOON is Pressing Restart With New Introspective Album”