Listen Up: Pop Music with a Message


When it comes to pop music, we all have our guilty pleasures (tip of the glitter-filled hat to Kesha). Those are the ones you shamefully listen to only with headphones, unless you’re drunk – then you’re suddenly belting out every memorized lyric between proclamations about how they’re your spirit animal. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

But I feel those guilty pleasure artists have given all of pop music a bad name. I’m the last person to jump to the defense of pop music, but it is worth noting that there are some artists out there making pop music with a message beyond party jams and sappy love songs.

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Love Trumps Hate: The 1975’s “Loving Someone” is the Song the World Needs Now


Fair warning to those who have grown accustomed to my usual quippy posts — I haven’t been in the most quippy mood as of late.

To say tensions have been high since Tuesday’s election results is an understatement. My stomach sank as I watched the U.S. map slowly turn red state by state. I couldn’t even bring myself to wait for the announcement that Donald Trump was our country’s new president-elect. Continue reading

Concert Venues: Small Clubs vs. Arenas


The title of Music Slut comes with many responsibilities, and being a concert addict is one of them. Did I make up this list of responsibilities myself? Yes. Do I happily abide by them? Oh yes.

Luckily for me, Los Angeles has no shortage of concert venue options, from the historic Troubadour to the atmospheric outdoor Greek Theatre to the newly re-opened Forum. A true music slut must have a taste of them all. Continue reading