Concert Review | Mallrat Makes Friends with Los Angeles Live at the Lodge Room

Taking the stage for the first time in a new city can be nerve-racking for anyone. What will the crowd be like? How will their energy be? Will they be responsive? Antagonistic? There are so many unknowns. To take the stage as a 19-year-old solo artist playing her first L.A. show far away from her home in Brisbane, Australia? The intimidation could be paralyzing.

But if Grace Shaw — known onstage as Mallrat — had any of those concerns, she hid them well. Of course, landing a spot on The New York Times list of stand-out acts at South by Southwest Music Festival (alongside recent South London darlings, Shame) offers a solid vote of confidence.

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Concert Review | Shame Live in Los Angeles Deliver a Cathartic Kick Off to First Full U.S. Tour

Shame have been lucky enough to have the wise words of music industry veterans guiding them throughout their formative years. One piece of insight was particularly pertinent as the five-piece kicked off their first full U.S. tour at The Echo in Los Angeles — L.A. crowds will crush your spirit.

But the sold-out club last night was worlds apart from the standard callous L.A. audiences who are too cool and too jaded to be impressed. Because when it comes to Shame’s stage presence, impress they do. The British band’s West Coast debut in support of their debut album, Songs of Praise, proved to be the most manic and delirious gig I’ve witnessed at the distinguished Echo Park venue.

Fair warning to those seeing Shame live for the first time: they are bound to become your new favorite band if they aren’t already.

Fair warning to those passing on such an opportunity: you’re missing the fuck out.

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The 1975’s ‘Loving Someone’ | A New Year’s Resolution to Keep


Well, it’s January. The start of a new year. And since we arbitrarily pick this time to make resolutions, rather than the typical vows to lose weight that most people toss out before the calendar sees February, let’s make a resolution that may actually have a positive impact during these turbulent times. Continue reading “The 1975’s ‘Loving Someone’ | A New Year’s Resolution to Keep”

Pale Waves Announce ‘My Obsession’ As Next Single

Pale Waves just wrapped their first U.S. headline tour spanning 21 cities, and had a secret to share with fans who came out to support them. At their Dec. 2 Los Angeles gig, lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie introduced their song “My Obsession” saying it would be their next single.

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WALK THE MOON is Pressing Restart With New Introspective Album

For fans who first became familiar with Walk The Moon in 2015 when their Talking is Hard single “Shut up and Dance” was at its peak popularity, their unexpected hiatus, announced in April 2016, may have seemed quite abrupt. They were beginning to attract a whole new fan base and ended up cancelling a tour in the midst of a wave of success.

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Concert Review | La Bouquet Gets the Sad People Dancing

Have you ever wondered what sad people dance to? I suppose most of you haven’t. You probably don’t even imagine that sad people dance. Well that may have been true before, but it was probably because no one bothered to make music for the dismal dancers.

The dads of sad, La Bouquet, have emerged out of the Los Angeles music scene to rectify that issue.

With two singles, “Loveless” and “Loser Baby,” already released, and an upcoming EP in the works with a full length album soon to follow, people all in their feels can now pull away from the walls and dark corners and experience all the feels out on the floor with everyone else.

The L.A.-based band has done limited touring and is still growing their roots in SoCal (something I’m sure will change once they officially release more material), so non-local fans have very minimal exposure to anything beyond the two already released singles. For you, my poor unfortunate souls, I have their full six-song set from their recent show at Bardot in Hollywood. Think of it as an album teaser and taste of their live show for when they hit the road again. Continue reading “Concert Review | La Bouquet Gets the Sad People Dancing”

Concert Review | MAGIC GIANT Gives Breath of Fresh Air in More Ways Than One

If you have been having a tough time coping and find yourself in need of a hug, you should really find your way to a MAGIC GIANT concert. I’m not just talking about how Austin, Zang and Zambricki give the most amazing hugs – I’m talking about how there is so much positivity radiating from these guys, it becomes an encompassing force throughout the room that feels like a giant embrace.

Admittedly, I had no intention of writing a review when I went to the “In The Wind” album release party, but that show was so beyond words, I decided I had to take on the challenge of at least trying to capture the incredible experience.

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Concert Review | Balance and Composure’s Conflicting New Direction Translates Live

Balance and Composure has always been one of those bands that has been on my radar, although never the subject of my sole attention. I had been reading several reviews about their newest album and how divisive it was, so when I was offered the opportunity to do a live review for The Poly Post, I couldn’t turn it down.

Balance and Composure played to a sometimes raucous, sometimes subdued crowd at The Glass House in Pomona on Wednesday in support of their third album, “Light We Made.”

The band’s departure from their punk/post-hardcore roots, trading in distorted guitars for more polished vocals, has created a divide in their sound and their fan base.

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Concert Review | La Bouquet Embodies Flowery Alt-Pop

{This article was originally published in The Poly Post.}

Emerging Los Angeles band La Bouquet refer to themselves endearingly as the “dads of sad.” With their two released singles, “Loser Baby” and “Loveless,” and an upcoming album titled “Sad People Dancing,” the name fits. Continue reading “Concert Review | La Bouquet Embodies Flowery Alt-Pop”