Concert Review | Wolf Alice Live at The Mayan Play Their Biggest L.A. Gig to Date

There is plenty of conjecture as to what changes a band: popularity, experience, environment, age or just time itself. While speculators can never definitively pinpoint the cause of change, I can say one thing for certain. The Wolf Alice I witnessed at The Mayan last night were not the Wolf Alice I remember from their first 2015 U.S. shows. Continue reading “Concert Review | Wolf Alice Live at The Mayan Play Their Biggest L.A. Gig to Date”


Concert Review | Blaise Moore’s Performance is Even More Empty and Insipid Than Her Music

Let me just start with saying: MY EYES COULD NOT ROLL ANY FARTHER BACK IN MY HEAD. And I’ll count it as a blessing to avoid having to witness such a clichéd, lackluster performance.

Blaise Moore had all the authenticity of Iggy Azalea (translation: none), enthusiasm of Lana Del Rey (translation: none) and vocal range of a child’s toy keyboard (translation: a single octave).

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Wolf Alice Instigates Grunge Revival from Across the Pond

The returning trends of Doc Martens, choker necklaces, oversized flannels and crop tops have us wondering what decade it is — but fashion isn’t the only area that ’90s grunge is making a comeback.

Grunge is experiencing a resurgence in music as well, but not in the way you might think. For a male-dominated genre known as the “Seattle Sound,” you wouldn’t expect a female-fronted British band to take on grunge’s revival. Enter Wolf Alice.

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How The Music Slut Got Her Name

Now I know your curiosity may have led you down this little rabbit hole thinking you were going to get some juicy, behind-the-scenes confessions of a band groupie… not exactly. Actually, not at at all.

How I received the ever so endearing nickname of Music Slut actually has absolutely nothing to do with sex. Sorry to disappoint you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh you’re still here? Sweet! Does this mean we’re friends now? Oh right, the story of how I got my nickname.

Music has always had a significant presence in my life. Between singing, dancing, and playing various instruments… oh sorry. This is not my autobiography.

Essentially, music is the love of my life. I decided around five years ago that I wanted to expand my musical tastes beyond my limited scope and explore multiple genres. This curiosity led me down my own rabbit hole to a Wonderland I never want to leave.

I wanted to listen to as many bands and artists as I could. I lived on Pandora for music discovery. It seemed as though every few days there was a new band with which I became enamored, and I couldn’t stop talking about all these new loves. I was a girl constantly in the infatuation stage of a budding relationship — but with music.

I started carrying around a portable speaker in my purse at all times, finding any excuse to whip it out and talk about my latest paramour. (And yes, Paramore was one of those bands back in the day.)

It didn’t take long for my friends to notice this recurring trend. One day while I was indulging in one of my many ramblings of my newest discovery, my friend rolled her eyes and exclaimed, “Oh my god, another band, Meg?! You’re such a slut! You’re a music slut!”

Long story, short: the nickname stuck and has become my true form… although a bit awkward to explain to family members. Sorry Mom.

I will not be slut shamed, though. My music slutiness has led me down a magnificent road of music discovery that has given me more than your typical run-of-the-mill fan experience that includes dark bar rooms, back alleys, basements and hidden studios. Feel free to follow along and join me in Wonderland.