Concert Review | Shame Live in Los Angeles Deliver a Cathartic Kick Off to First Full U.S. Tour

Shame have been lucky enough to have the wise words of music industry veterans guiding them throughout their formative years. One piece of insight was particularly pertinent as the five-piece kicked off their first full U.S. tour at The Echo in Los Angeles — L.A. crowds will crush your spirit.

But the sold-out club last night was worlds apart from the standard callous L.A. audiences who are too cool and too jaded to be impressed. Because when it comes to Shame’s stage presence, impress they do. The British band’s West Coast debut in support of their debut album, Songs of Praise, proved to be the most manic and delirious gig I’ve witnessed at the distinguished Echo Park venue.

Fair warning to those seeing Shame live for the first time: they are bound to become your new favorite band if they aren’t already.

Fair warning to those passing on such an opportunity: you’re missing the fuck out.

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Concert Venues | Small Clubs vs. Arenas

The title of Music Slut comes with many responsibilities, and being a concert addict is one of them. Did I make up this list of responsibilities myself? Yes. Do I happily abide by them? Oh yes.

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